New Zealand Major Transport Infrastructure Expansions

About The Project

TEG is in advanced talks with several of the New Zealand Major Transport Infrastructure Expansions (NZTA) projects.  NZTA has committed to investing billions over the next five years in major infrastructure, primarily in the North Island around Wellington’s and Auckland’s transport corridors.  One of the first projects, ‘Transmission Gully’ a $1.2 billion freeway, has been awarded to Leighton, and TEG has  submitted a capability proposal for 80 – 100 machines.

Then there’s…

  • ‘The Hamilton By-pass’ for which TEG is discussing fleet requirements with the project manager.  Estimates are for circa 30 machines over a 2-3 year period.
  • The ‘Waikato Expressway’ – a $700m project in planning stages and for which TEG has been approached regarding fleet requirements.
  • The ‘Puhoi to Warkworth Expressway’ – a $1.3 billion road works; &
  • A major dam project awarded to Higgins.
Key Details
Services: Equipment, Maintenance, Operators, Logistics